Del Aria Investments & Holdings says plays an important role in determining how much a house can sell for. According to Zillow, houses that feature light blue rooms typically sell for $5,440 more than they would if the houses had light brown or dark brown rooms. If you’re considering painting your house blue, consider how many people will be interested in it.
Dark colors

Dark colors make homes appear smaller and stuffier, preventing buyers from inserting themselves. A home with lighter colors is more inviting and streamlines the selling process. Consumer Reports has compiled a list of the “hottest” colors for home sellers. However, these trendy colors may not be the best fit for traditional homes.

Eggplant is the hardest color to sell when selling a house. The fruit discolors quickly after it has been cut open. To prevent discoloration, marinate the fruit in lemon juice, salt, or vinegar. Store the cut fruit in the refrigerator. Eggplant is best when it is young and early.

This vegetable can be sold year round, but is at its best from July to October. The skin should be firm and glossy. The flesh should also be heavy for its size. Eggplants are best stored at 50 degrees and uncut. The skin is full of nutrients, so keep it intact. Eggplants are also delicious baked, stuffed, and sauteed. They can also be frozen or pureed.

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Neutral colors

There are many colors to choose from when decorating your home. Neutral colors are the most universally popular choice and can be used in almost any room. wrote a blog post go well with any style and can add personality to your decor. While you should choose a color that is not too dark or too light, avoid those that are too warm.

Neutral colors are the best choice for a home that is undergoing the process of being sold. They can jumpstart the imagination of a potential buyer. They can envision their own furniture in their new home. But be sure to choose neutral colors that won’t be dated or out of style in five years.
Trendy colors

The exterior of a home can make or break its appeal to potential buyers. For example, bright shades of green could turn off the majority of buyers. Instead, go with a soft shade, such as sage. Yellow homes are also appealing, but you need to be careful when choosing this color. Some homes stray into the lemon or sunflower zone, so you may want to keep the color toned down.

Dark gray is a popular color for exteriors. It looks sleek and classic, but can also limit the buyer pool. Benjamin Moore has several colors in this shade that look great on homes.

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